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Hello and welcome.  We are delighted  to bring you AffinitasODI.

Affinitas is a Latin word meaning relationship or community – and in that sense represents one of our core values: which is the fact that people, and our relationships with them, is at the heart of everything we do.  The “ODI” refers to Organisation Diagnostics and Interventions – and represents the nature of the work we specialise in.

We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes to help them become more productive, and dare we say it, joyful!  In the context of ever increasing complexity, time demands and IT intrusion, sometimes it is impossible to put time, resources and thinking space aside to fully examine and then resolve emerging and existing issues in your business or professional life.

We can help you identify core problem/s or issues, and help you develop practical interventions and solutions to put you on the improvement path.  This may come in the form of advice and support; or with a strategy and implementation plan – either for you to do (a diagnosis and script approach); or we can help coach you (or key individuals) through the changes (a diagnostics and implementation support approach).  We don’t impose pre-determined theories and processes on you.  We analyse your circumstances in their entirety and develop tailor-made solutions.

We are a boutique consultancy working on the basis of an agile structure.  We comprise two key consultants that oversee and contribute to much of the work; an office manager; as well as access to a comprehensive stable of highly experienced collaborators who join us on the basis of their specific areas of expertise.  All of the specialist resources available to AffinitasODI have had decades of experience in the professional services, government and tertiary education sectors.

In each case and problem, we take the time to get to know you and the circumstances confronting your organisation, to make sure you are comfortable with our approach before engaging our services on a contractual basis. So, contact us for a confidential discussion, and get a better idea of how we can help you to strengthen your organisation.

Dr Jonnie De Lacy, Managing Partner, AffinitasODI

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