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AffinitasODI is a group of professionals with high level leadership and organisational experience, as well as close ties to academia – giving us access to the latest and best cutting edge research and capability. We aim to help you and your organisation to flourish and fire-up in terms of engagement, energy and innovation.


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Take your business to the next level

With experience and deep expertise in many aspects of organisational life, we offer a unique blend of consultancy services designed to help your organisation reach its full potential. Covering a broad range of target areas; from the individual, to the organisation, and to the broader strategic policy arena. In all cases we deliver uniquely tailored, practical and highly effective solutions.


Executive coaching

We work with senior business leaders who want move to the next level of their development. The benefits of executive coaching are well established and our clients frequently report that coaching has not only positively impacted on their careers and organisations’ success, but has substantially enhanced their job and life satisfaction generally. LEARN MORE

policy development and regulation

We have deep knowledge of public policy-making and the government operational environment to assist in the development of effective responses to policy problems and regulatory issues. In short, we can help you navigate the complexities of Government. LEARN MORE

leadership development

Effective leadership involves high levels of self-awareness, the ability to capitalise on the strengths of others and the art of influence. We use a variety of methods to develop these abilities, including interventions at the individual level, as well as workshops, development programs and coaching interventions based around leadership skills development. LEARN MORE

Board/CEO Dynamics and Board Development

In today’s organisations, the pressure for results is constant and the management of the Board/CEO relationship is critical to both parties to ensure that the relationship is robust, productive and collaborative. We can help smooth this interface to ensure maximum gain from the relationship. LEARN MORE

organisational intervention

A problem that is not adequately defined often cannot be resolved – and results in stop gap solutions that are costly, time-consuming and neither effective nor sufficient. Working with senior leaders, we aim to identify and resolve organisational issues to help organisations create positive, lasting change. LEARN MORE


We have a proud history in providing strategic advice to sporting bodies. We understand the competitive pressures that sporting organisations operate under, not only in terms of producing results “out on the track” but also in terms of stakeholder engagement and effective back-of-house operations. LEARN MORE

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Expertise, integrity and honesty in every interaction

our people

Expertise, integrity and honesty in every interaction

Sam Heyward, Strategic Partnerships Manager

Sam has a strong background in project management and research. He has broad networks and can source leaders and consultants working in the the public and private sectors.

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our engagement process

The relationships we develop with our clients through our consulting services often become very strong – and our clients become life-long friends. To that end – it is important that we work with you to ensure you are clear about what you want, what you hope to achieve, and that you feel comfortable with what we can offer.

Our initial conversations will determine how we can help you, and whether we are the right people to do so (we will be the first to recommend other services if we think it would be a better fit). An initial meeting can help save lots of time and can help you scope your request.

  • Contact

    Contact us for a confidential discussion. We can meet you – wherever you wish (preferably where coffee is available!) and we can run through whatever is on your mind and discuss potential approaches.

  • Decision

    This is a critical step to our process that makes everything work so well. You’ll be happy with us, and we’ll be happy with you.

  • Commence

    We are then ready to get started!


We bring together a range of thought leadership covering the issues and trends facing business today to form a searching and collective intelligence.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

I have known the consultants for going on ten years now, and have collaborated with them on a number of projects. The specialist skills they bring are not easily matched in the market, and the results that they achieve are really impressive. I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending them any organisation challenge, especially in the areas of leadership development, executive coaching and board development – the tougher the assignment the better! Jason, now a Director at a major, multi-national consulting house.
This was hands down the best course I have ever attended. The Facilitator was totally amazing – funny, clear, concise, and really knows her stuff. It was so relevant and I have never been so interested and engaged before. I left feeling energized and ready to take on the world! I see myself using the information for many years to come.Leadership workshop participant
I run a multi-million dollar sporting organisation, and I have used the services of their key consultants for strategy development, staff engagement and implementation planning. The results of their work have stood the test of time, and we still refer to the processes they used even though several years have elapsed. I can talk to them today, and they are so generous with their time. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them, even for the most complicated strategy or staff engagement piece. Head of a large multi-sport organisation, producing athletes that compete on the world stage.